‍​​I N S C T S  is an ongoing multimedia project that documents the responses insects offer to a series of environmental and social challenges. Striving for a global overview, I N S C T S  focuses on both the people working towards change and those who would benefit from it.

Starting from June 2022 I was at: Wageningen University (The Netherlands), Texas A&M University, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Kaiserstadt Bangkok University (Thailand), Institut de Recherche sur la Biologie de l’Insecte – IRBI (France), Università di Torino (Italy) and Serida (Spain).In the same countries I also took pictures at farms and companies of different size as I did in California, Portugal and Malaysia.

During the shoots I recorded a series of audio interviews, highlights from these conversations are published as a podcast (“Get The Bug”) available on all major platforms. – LINK


I N S C T S will culminate in a photobook charting the history of our perceptions of – and relationships with – insects.


📌 UPCOMING EXHIBITION: October 2024, Ireland + The Netherlands 

I N S C T S  has been nominated by PHotoESPAÑA for being part of FUTURES Photography. – LINK
I N S C T S  won the FUTURES Photography Open Call: “ENERGY, Redistributing Power and Taming Consumption”. – LINK

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