‍​​I N S C T S  is an ongoing multimedia project that  aims to document the responses that insects could offer to a series of environmental and social pressing challenges. Striving for a global overview, the project focuses on both the people working towards change and those who would benefit from it.

Insect farming is, in fact, an effective tool for recycling organic waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and producing locally feed for animals like chickens, or many freshwater fish, that already eat insects in their natural diet. But also biofertilzers, bioplastic and food – where part of human diets.

In a developing economy, insects could also give smallholders an alternative to expensive imported feed; trials with farmers are already a reality in Africa and Latin America, and most participants are women. At the same time in developed economies, insect farming is an emerging industrial sector, where insects contribute to the management of organic waste generated by humans. In Europe and the US this sector is new, and legislation around it is developing; governments and private stakeholders are investing many resources in this field.

Starting from June 2022 I was at: Wageningen University (The Netherlands), Texas A&M University, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Kaiserstadt Bangkok University (Thailand), Institut de Recherche sur la Biologie de l’Insecte – IRBI (France), Università di Torino (Italy) and Serida (Spain). In the same countries I also took pictures at farms and companies of different size as I did in Portugal and Malaysia. I also participated at the “Insects To Feed The World 2022”, in Canada; the “Center for Environmental Sustainability through Insect Farming” 2023 Spring Meeting, in Texas; the 2023 European Federation of Animal Science Annual Conference, in Lyon; the AFFIA (Asian Food and Feed Insect Association) 2023 Forum, in Thailand.

During the shoots I recorded a series of audio interviews, highlights from these conversations are published as a podcast (“Get The Bug”) available on all major platforms. – LINK

Incorporating archival material, I N S C T S  will culminate in a photobook that charts the history of our perceptions of – and relationships with – insects.



April 1-5 Glassbox Gallery
Santa Barbara, CALIFORNIA, US

ENERGY, Redistributing Power and Taming Consumption 
by FUTURES Photography, PhotoIreland, Dublin, IRE

ENERGY, Redistributing Power and Taming Consumption 
by FUTURES Photography, FOTODOK, Utrecht, NL

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