“Insectos Por La Paz” is a social project created by Karol Barragàn Fonseca, professor at the Universidad Nacional De Colombia, that promotes the reintegration of former FARC-EP guerriler*s, indigenous and people affected by the conflict training them to become smallholder insect producers.

Insect farming can recycle organic waste and locally produce feed for animals like chickens, or many freshwater fish, that eat insects in their natural diet. Moreover the uneaten substrate is a natural and economic alternative to chemical fertilizers.

Farming insects could make smallholder farmers less dependent on expensive – and environmentally costly – imported feed and fertilizers. And it’s in the Tropics that ideal conditions occur.

Training projects like “Insectos Por La Paz” are already a reality in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and most participants are women.

Insect production can progressively become an income generator, and therefore promoting inclusion and alternative livelihoods to marginalized people and communities.

Listen to the complete interview with Karol Barragán Fonseca on Spotify.

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