I N S C T S is an ongoing multimedia project that documents the solutions insect farming may offer to global environmental and social challenges.

Insect farming is a re-distributive agricultural practice with the potential to help foster more equitable, sustainable, and resilient food systems. The project  focuses on both the people working towards change and those who would benefit from it.  I N S C T S is the story of an ongoing reconnection to nature based systems, the story of a global revolutionary opportunity.

The photographs were taken in research centers, farms, restaurants, communities, and companies of Europe (The Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal), Asia (Thailand and Malaysia) and the U.S. (California and Texas).

This exhibition displays the most recent rendition of I N S C T S that includes photos taken in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles in collaboration with the UCSB Edible Insect Initiative.

During the shoots, Diecinove also interviewed a variety of experts, such as: environmentalists, entomologists, entrepreneurs, anthropologists, and activists. Some of these conversations are published on the “Get The Bug” podcast, available on all major platforms. 

Listen to the complete interview with MacKenzie Wade on Spotify.

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